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Solar Presence in Chile

Renogy is a global supplier of solar panels, mostly in the US, but also abroad. Though many customers recognize Renogy for selling panels under 100W, the Company also sells 240W, 250W, and 300W Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels. The larger Renogy brand solar panels have been used in a variety of solar projects internationally. Perhaps […]

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Upcoming Move

For nearly two years, Renogy has called Chino, California home. If you’ve read the company’s “About Us” page, you’d know that Renogy started out in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the Louisiana State University Business and Technology Center. At the Technology Center, Renogy operated out of a single room office with a small warehouse. Flash forward […]

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Products Overview

Our State-of-the-Art Products Deliver Solar Energy to You at the Speed of Sunlight–

Renogy was founded on the strong belief that solar power should be available to everyone, anywhere on the planet. Thus we strive to offer clean energy for every application and will customize according to different needs. We use top quality solar cells and superior accessories to produce high performance solar modules that maximize the energy yield of the solar system per unit area, thereby reducing the system cost per watt for you.

Our Attention to Detail—

module illustration

1. Glass: 3.2mm tempered glass, excellent mechanical loading performance, resists 5400PA snow loads and 2400PA wind load.
2. & 4. EVA Film: main component is 30%-33% of EVA, which assures a high transmission, strong adhesion and long term performance.
3. Cell: excellent performance in low light environment and high conversion efficiency guaranteed.
5. Frame: strong corrosion resistant aluminum frames.
6. Backsheet: both sides of backsheet are coated with fluoro resin to prevent aging. This unique structure allows our backsheet to provide perfect adhesion with EVA and junction box.