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Additional Uses for Renogy RV Solar Kits

Here at Renogy, we love RV trips. We especially love those trips where we can park our RV without relying on power hookups. Much like RVs, boats can take you on great adventures, far from the power grid. This means that while sailing on the high seas (or rivers, or lakes for that matter), you’ll […]

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So Many Uses: Solar Cabin Kits

Perhaps you’re the kind of nature lover that prefers watching the stars and breathing in the warm summer air as opposed to sleeping indoors in a tiny structure we like to call a cabin. Or maybe, you don’t prefer the outdoors at all, so you often enjoy a vacation from the comforts of a hotel […]

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Renogy Online Store

2/8/2013 Baton Rouge, LA- Renogy has been happy about the traffic to their new online store at That is why Renogy will be releasing a thank you coupon to all of their valued customers on Thursday of next week. Check your e-mail to find the coupon codes and feel free to forward them to your friends! If you are not signed up, get on our e-mail list by e-mailing our marketing administrator at