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Cost Effective Solar Options: PWM Technology

A charge controller is essential for every solar power system. You can think of the charge controller as the hardworking “middleman,” continuously and effortlessly regulating the charge flowing between the solar panel(s) and the battery. Renogy Solar sells two kinds of charge controllers that can support several different system sizes: PWM and MPPT. PWM stands […]

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Small and Tiny Homes: Are They Here to Stay?

You may have seen one on the news or your favorite home and garden channel; a stylish home with a modern kitchen, cute bathroom, and spacious deck. The home may be located in front of a view straight out of a travel magazine, or perhaps, tucked away in a quiet suburban backyard. These homes are […]

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Renogy Online Store

2/8/2013 Baton Rouge, LA- Renogy has been happy about the traffic to their new online store at That is why Renogy will be releasing a thank you coupon to all of their valued customers on Thursday of next week. Check your e-mail to find the coupon codes and feel free to forward them to your friends! If you are not signed up, get on our e-mail list by e-mailing our marketing administrator at