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New Product Spotlight: 100W Eclipse Solar Panel

Perhaps you’ve purchased a Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel in the past,; after all, it has been the company’s best selling solar panel for over 5 years. Maybe you enjoy the small size and low weight of the panel, or like the peace of mind that comes with a 25 year output warranty. Whatever your […]

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Adding a Solar Power System to a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are all the rage right now. Baby boomers looking for financial stability and millennials looking for a first home gravitate toward these tiny abodes because of the low cost, upkeep, and freedom of mobility. Others choose tiny homes because of their love for the environment. Tiny homes are often sustainable and eco friendly, […]

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Renogy Online Store

2/8/2013 Baton Rouge, LA- Renogy has been happy about the traffic to their new online store at That is why Renogy will be releasing a thank you coupon to all of their valued customers on Thursday of next week. Check your e-mail to find the coupon codes and feel free to forward them to your friends! If you are not signed up, get on our e-mail list by e-mailing our marketing administrator at